The Eastern Lung

Character Name: I am Xióngwĕi huŏyàn and I am interested in joining the Seredrau Clan.

About My Character:
She’s a medium length eastern lung with three toes on each foot and speaks in broken common due to more or less recently learning it. Her personality is on the calm and serene side, hardly loosing her temper. She also has a degree of wisdom and guidance (as is common in her breed.)

This is what she looks like. She also has a couple of eggs she had saved from the humans after they killed her mate and stole the eggs.
Her magical abilities are based on ‘calm before the storm’ and she capable of affecting the weather in a single location.


Welcome. I believe I’ve masked you correctly so you should have access to the rest of the forums now.

damn new forum softwares and their weird UIs

Love the back story. NEED MOAR.